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Hand dryer Starmix ХТ 3000 silver

Code: Сешоар за ръце Starmix ХТ 3001 сив


  • Only 10 seconds dryingtime
  • Activation through 4 IR sensors
  • Antibacterial, impact-proof ABS-plastic housing
  • ZEROSmell tabs eleminates bad smells in the ambient air
  • Antibacterial provides continous, proven protection against harmful bacteria, germs and mildew
  • Double filter system, patented, changeable HEPA/Enzym filteron tank  


  • Manufacturer: Starmix
  • Weight: 9.500 Kgs
Price: 2,010.00лв.
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1. Fast drying

Dries both sides of both hands in 10 seconds.

2. High performance

The more it is used, the greater the savings.

3. Eliminates Bad Scents

Providing a fresher and cleaner environment

4. Easy maintenance - Waste Free

No towels to replace, no paper towel refills.

5. Outstanding sanitary design

Completely contact-free, dries with 100% clean air.

6. Ecologic

Starmix Hand Dryers reduce dependence of natural resources and save energy. 

Comfortable and easy to use

1. Put your wet hands vertically into the top opening of the hand dryer.

2. Strategically located sensors detect your hands and activate the air jets to quickly and effectively dry your hands until you remove them from the unit.

3. If you leave your hands inside the unit for a long time, the dryer will stop after 25 seconds


Technical specification

Моdel Power
Air speed
Relative drying time
XT 3000 1200 540 10 330х230х660 9.5