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Soft heater Athenea Plenitude

лъчисто отопление


        Soft heater with genuine CDI® technology

  • RX Silence heating element
  • Additional radiant heating front panel
  • Electronic thermostat with numeric regulation accurate to 0.1°C
  • 1st independent heat source: front radiant panel with surface element
    Priority is given to this panel, which independently generates immediately appreciable radiant heat. From the first nip of autumn through the return of spring, it serves as an essential heat source providing consistent warmth
  • 2nd independent heat source: extruded aluminium alloy full element®.
    This provides soft ambient heat to help make any space cosy. Even in the dead of winter, it generates gentle complementary heat with guaranteed consistency
  • Steel casing. Polymerised polyester epoxy paint.
  • Multi-position selector: comfort, economy, frost protection, off, program.
  • Temperature adjustment selector.
  • Lighted indicators for heating mode and operating status.
Акумулиращ радиатор
Soft Heater Noirot Athenea Plenitude
Акумулиращ радиаторАкумулиращ радиатор
Soft heater Noirot Athenea Plenitude
Instruction Leaflet
  • Option to lock thermostat control in fixed position or within a min/max temperature range.
  • High-technology electronic thermostat with numeric regulation accurate to 0.1°C, pilot-wire programmable multi-tariff control in comfort, comfort -1°C, comfort -2°C, economy, frost protection, off or load-sharing.
  • Heating elements: extruded aluminium full + front panel.
  • Comes standard with 2-pin power cord + pilot wire.
  • Quick-fit mounting bracket.
  • Thermal safety cut-out with automatic reset.
  • Compatible with Mйmoprog programming system.
  • Colour: bright white.


Technical specification

Моdel Rating     
Reference Heat. area

Price lv 

VAT incl.

Horizontal 750 580 445 87 8.1 7792.2 8-10 792
Horizontal  1000 580 605 87 10.5 7792.3 10-15 864
Horizontal 1250 580 765 87 12.8 7792.4 12-18 954
Horizontal 1500 580 925 87 15.4 7792.5 15-20 1056
Horizontal 2000 580 1165 87 19.4 7792.7 20-25 1170