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Radiant heater Verlys Evolution

електрически радиатор


Glas panel heater

  • Dual-element heating technology
  • Front radiant panel in "securit" smoked glass
  • Additional heat given by a rear heating element


нагревател лъчист радиатор
Leaflet Instruction



  • 1st heating element: front panel in safety glass with surface element. It produces radiant heat evenly over its entire surface and directs it outward into the room.
  • 2nd heating element: RX Silence aluminium alloy full element. It offers superior front convection, supporting a fast temperature increase and optimal heat distribution throughout the room.
  • Electronic thermostat with numeric regulation accurate to 0.1°C
  • Top-mounted controls
  • Multi-position selector: comfort, economy, frost protection, off, program.
  • Temperature adjustment selector.
  • Lighted indicators for heating mode and operating status.
  • Option to lock thermostat control in fixed position or within a min/max temperature range.
  • Heating elements: front - safety glass panel with silver conductor circuit; rear - RX Silence element
  • Comes standard with 2-pin power cord + pilot wire.
  • Quick-fit backplate serves as mounting bracket.
  • Thermal safety cut-out with automatic reset.
  • Compatible with Memoprog programming system.
  • Colour: Black
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Made in France


Technical specification

Моdel Rating
Reference Heat. area
Price lv VAT incl.
Horizontal 1000 480 600 95 9.0 7717.3 10-15 966
Horizontal 1500 480 807 95 11.5 7717.5 15-20 1050
Horizontal 2000 480 1000 95 13.9 7717.7 20-25 1254