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Memoprog radiofrequency

програмираща касета


Centralised programming via radiofrequency without installation or running wires. The programming unit manages up to three zones and can be mounted on a wall or anywhere else in the home. Memoprog Radiofrequency is compatible with Calidou Plus, Radiafonte II, Verlys Evolution, Mélodie Evolution, Sensual Evolution, Sensual SAS, Sensual Bains, Athénéa Millenium, Athénéa Plйnitude, Dynatherm MA (with use of adaptor kit) and ActiFonte.

  • The system operates with a central programming unit and one or more receiver modules placed in the designated heaters.
  • The central ERF unit uses radiofrequency to control up to 4 modes (comfort, economy, frost protection or off) and up to 3 different living zones.
  • The RRF receiver modules receive mode information from the central unit, modify operation of the heaters and display the current command via lighted indicator.
  • Each ERF central unit comes with 3 pre-programmed sequences or programming can be entirely customised.