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Memoprog pilot wire

програмираща касета



  • System operates with IFP transmitter module placed in heater.
  • The module sends information on up to 6 modes (comfort, economy, frost protection, off/load-sharing, comfort -1°C, comfort -2°C) to the other heaters via an additional connection wire referred to as a 'pilot wire'.
  • The other heaters receive the information directly via this wire connected to a programmable electronic control unit displaying the current command using a lighted indicator and modify their operation as directed.
  • The module is preconfigured with 7 standard programs to suit almost any lifestyle requirement and programming can also be fully customised.


A programming system with central transmitter that fits perfectly into the heater. This system does not require batteries, eliminating risk of power cut or memory loss.Memoprog Radiofrequency is compatible with Calidou, Radiafonte II, Verlys Evolution, Mélodie Evolution, Sensual Evolution, Sensual SAS, Sensual Bains, Athénéa Millenium, Athénéa Plénitude, Dynatherm MA (with use of adaptor kit) and ActiFonte.

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