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Gas boiler Auer Pulsatoire

газов котел


  • Low fumes temperatures, as low as 25°C, giving the possibility to use a simple PVC pipe to channel fumes up to 25 meters.
  • Installation is simple and quick
  • The PULSE boiler is operating without burner, which is the best solution for a long lasting efficient operating



The PULSE boiler is the only boiler replacing a continuous flame with a series of micro-combustions (without burner), which is a self-sustained system.
How it works ?
The air/gas mix is introduced directly into the combustion chamber and this creates a micro-combustion. The combustion gas are channeled through the pipes of the coil heat exchanger, creating a pressure drop. The pressure drop allows a new flow of air/gas mix into the chamber. This cycle repeats itself and is self-sustained at a rate of 115 micro-combustions every second.
Because of a revolutionary concept, the PULSE boiler provides a real efficient thermal exchange for a lower energy consumption.
How it works ?
The heat exchanger is made of 18 coiled pipes located below the combustion chamber. This heat exchanger is dipped into heating water to optimise thermal exchange. Pressure/loss of pressure alternating with the same rythm as the micro-combustions are creating a turbulent flow of burned gas into the heat exchanger, ensuring an astonishing efficiency of the thermal exchange with the heating water.

Technical specification

Lelia with electronic thermostat - for heating and DHW

Моdel Heating
+ DHW,проточен

+ DHW с допълн.
бойлер по избор

+ DHW с обемен
бойлер по избор
+ DHW с обемен
бойлер по избор
Type wall mounted  wall mounted wall mounted floor standing
Nominal rating, kW 30  30 30 30
Heating capacity for        
50°C/30°C, kW 26.4 26.4 26.4 26.4
80°C/60°C, kW  24  24  24  24
Pressure min/max, bar 0.5/3 0.5/3 0.5/3 0.5/3
Диапазон при избор на температура, ºC  30/85  30/85 30/85  30/85
Dimentions, mm 740x460x285 740x460x285 (2x)740x460x365 1600x460x530
Weight, kg 47 45 77 90
Domestic Hot Water        
Rating, kW 8-30 8-30 8-30 8-30
Специфичен debit ΔТ 30°C, l/m 14.5 - 23 28.8
Диапазон при избор на температура, ºC 40-65 40-70 40-70 40-70
Маx pressure, bar 7 7 7 7