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Fan convector Helios С & CS

радиатор за баня
  • Silent tangential fan
  • Heating only: Hélios C
  • Heating + drying:
    Hélios CS
  • 0 to 60-minute timer
  • Protective dust filter removable for cleaning


Heating only: Hélios C
Pulsed-air heating generated by an all-steel tangential fan quickly raises the air temperature of any bathroom.

Two operating modes:
- a 1000 W mode to ensure basic, cost-effective heating all day long.
- a 2000 W mode to enable raising the temperature quickly when the bathroom is in use.
The top-mounted control panel with its highly protective steel cover houses an electronic thermostat for the basic 1000 W mode plus a self-disengaging 60-minute timer for the 2000 W mode.
A dust filter is removable for cleaning to ensure the ongoing cleanliness of pulsed air and durability of the fan mechanism.
The unit's double insulation and splash-proof construction make it ideal for use near the bathtub or shower (volume 2), while its compact size suits even the smallest of bathrooms.
Радиатори за баня Helios C&CS
Fan convector  Noirot Helios C&CS
LeafletInstruction Heating + drying: Hélios CS
This towel-dryer version of the Hélios also has a side-mounted selector switch to support heating only, blowing hot air out of the front of the unit, or heating plus towel drying by directing the hot air downward to the rail.

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Technical specification

Mоdel Power
Reference Price lv VAT incl.
Helios C 1000/2000 410 310 140 5.3 7825.7 450
Helios CS 1000/2000 460 410 145 6.0 7825.7 522