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Fan convection towel dryer CC Bain

радиатор за баня Радиатори за баня


  • Convection+ fan
  • Full aluminium RX 'Silence Plus' element for heating.
  • Low-thermal-inertia heating element for drying.
  • Thermal safety cut-out with automatic reset.
  • Temperature adjustment button.
  • On/Stop button
  • Boost button : fan + convection heat without regulation during 30 minutes (automatic return to convection operation with regulation)
  • On/Off button on the back side of the heater
  • CC-Bain, super compact with a fan
  • This convector simultaneously heats the bathroom to the desired comfort level while also drying towels to perfection. Versatile for use in winter or summer, it has two rails for towels.
  • Heating adapted to bathroom use
  • It is not at all necessary to keep the heat set to a high temperature while the designated bathroom is not in use.
  • 2 towel rails, opened on the right side for an easy use.
  • Slim line design and a choice of 2 colours match and enhance any stylish decoration.



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White 600/800 670 340 78 9.1 L101.5 684
Grey 600/800 670 340 78 9.1 L101.5 684